Client must complete a tenancy application, available via download below, and include a copy of a
current business plan. If a business plan is not yet completed a summary of the business will suffice
until a completed plan is available. Plans must be submitted within the first six months of occupancy.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the application.

The Southeastern Utah Business and Technical Center (BTAC) is a small business incubator
created to foster entrepreneurial activities and to provide leased space and technological
and business assistance to new and emerging companies in an effort to create jobs and
diversify the local economic base.
There are three levels of business incubation at the BTAC. Please check the level that
applies to your business. Client must first meet with BTA Center staff to determine if the type
of business meets the criteria of the incubator.
Level I

Level II

Level III

New business start-up.
An existing business operating from a non-business site or a part-time
business wishing to move to full time and which will locate at the Center as
a tenant.
Associate Tenant - Existing business or entrepreneur not seeking tenancy,
but who may need selected programs and/or services available at the BTAC
on an annual or per event basis in order to grow their business.

Potential tenants must submit an application for initial staff review of the firm's
compatibility with the BTAC incubator's purpose and facilities. If accepted for further
consideration, the applicant will be so notified and the completed application, along with
references and financial information
, will be required for a final review by the BTAC Board of

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

Potential for company growth and jobs creation.

Commitment of the principals.

Business idea supported by a good business plan. (May be completed during the first
six month of tenancy.)

Company's need for BTAC support services.

Company meets the economic development objectives of the BTAC.

Company meets zoning requirements.

Company will not be of a heavy-traffic/retail nature.

Company can demonstrate favorable prospects for future financial viability.

Company will not produce fumes, dust or noise detrimental to BTAC facilities or
tenants during manufacture process.

Other factors, as appropriate.
Business and Technical
Assistance Center
375 South Carbon Avenue
Price, UT 84501
(435) 637-5032 ext. 406